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I was reminded of some of these from a friend, but if you're in a (the whole 10yrs) 90s mood, you might wanna d/l these babies again. Can't deny they're classics.

Sponge / Plowed
Blur / Song 2
Stabbing Westward / Shame
RHCP / Breaking the Girl
Silverchair / Tomorrow
Buckcherry / Lit Up
Wallflowers / One Headlight
Bush / Machine Head
Janes Addiction / Been Caught Stealing
Spacehog / In the Meantime
Soundgarden / Jesus Christ Pose
G Love & Special Sauce / Cold Beverage
Pearl Jam / Evenflow
Breeders / Cannonball
Guns N' Roses / Estranged
Alice in Chains / Got Me Wrong
Seal / Kiss From a Rose
Del Amitri / Roll to Me
Collective Soul / Shine
Stone Temple Pilots / Vasoline
Gin Blossoms / Hey Jealousy
Quad City DJs / Come N' Ride That Train
CandleBox / You
Nirvana / Come as You Are
4 Non Blondes / What's Up
Dishwalla / Counting Blue Cars
Republica / Ready To Go
Verve Pipe / Freshman
Everlast / What It's Like
Tag Team / Whoomp There It Is
Beastie Boys / Sabotage
Counting Crows / Round Here
Third Eye Blind / Semi-Charmed Life
Alanis Morissette / You Oughta Know
Better Than Ezra / Good
Folk Implosion / Natural One
Beck / Loser
Joan Osborn / One of Us
Black Crowes / She Talks to Angels
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